Our values

The origin of yoga was traced back to Northern India five thousand years ago. Since the dawn of civilization, yoga has always aligned with the ultimate nature of existence: man versus nature, life versus death.

Apart from the indisputable physical benefits, yoga also promotes self-aspiration, empowers your way of living, and allows you to harmonize yourself with the universe despite your race, culture, or faith. All while answering questions you might be having in regards to life.

At Atha, we hold a strong belief that yoga is a personal journey for everyone. We are founded in hopes to bring you closer to professional yoga practitioners, yoga, and profoundly, yourself. We are here to assist you in practicing spiritual discipline, walk you through the nature of our universe, and help you discover your inner peace.

As you gain a better understanding of your inner self and your environment through yoga, you will be able to live life to its fullest, in the healthiest and happiest version possible. Atha will help you unfold your potential, and guide you into achieving your goals in your own way.

Yoga Class

Atha has designed a variety of classes for yogis of all levels. We offer a free consultation before the start of your journey with our professionally certified instructors to learn more about you and your goals, so that we may help you achieve them. We offer a personalized journey for each person to the best of our abilities, since we believe that one individual is different from another. This way, you can become empowered in your own way.

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With Atha’s yoga equipment, you can now practice yoga at home, or anywhere at your convenience! True to our brand values, our merchandises are made from sustainable and non-toxic materials. You can purchase essential gear such as our cork yoga mat, or even accessories such as our straps and cork yoga blocks! With our gear, your potential is limitless.

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Are you looking for a change of scenery away from your everyday routine? There’s nothing better than a yoga retreat to rejuvenate and find your inner peace. Indulge in the ambiance of destinations we meticulously picked out, and participate in yoga flows and workshops for a weekend of healing and mind-body connection.

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A Sanctuary of Wellness for Anyone — Atha is a holistic wellness studio that serves as a sanctuary for anyone to come find the balance between the mind and body. Our calm and welcoming space serves as an escape from the busy city life and features three yoga studios and a plant-based café to fully recharge your health inside out.

Inspired by Atha’s core values, the interior of the studio is filled with meticulously crafted details, from curved walls to warm lighting, natural materials to an unmatched sense of aesthetic, reflecting “imperfection” in its truest form. As you enter, you will see a cave of cleansing, a tunnel space to shift your mindset and purify your thoughts as you let go of your belongings before each yoga class.

The Atha studio is comprising of three rooms: Surya, Chandra, and Anata. The Surya room arises as energy from the sun, hence, the room will be hosting energizing flows and the sun salutation. The Chandra room, derived from the calmness of the moon, is suitable for gentle flows and medication. The Anata room is for a limitless potentials to empowering you to practice yoga in your own way.


Special Offers

Special promotions are coming your way! Stay tuned for exciting yoga events and self-paced workshops. We are looking forward to seeing you be the best version of yourself.