Atha is a holistic wellness center that serves as a sanctuary for people to come find the balance between mind and body.

As you step through our doors, you will escape the busy city life and transition into our calm and welcoming space that features three yoga studios and a plant-based café.


Awaken your seven chakras through constant practice in our yoga classes led by our professionally certified instructors. Our classes focus on the traditional aspect of yoga, which combines physical, mental, and spiritual exercises to enhance the way of life. We believe that each person is unique and on their own path to practicing yoga. Because of this, we provide free consulting sessions with our instructors before you purchase your first yoga session to ensure that you will receive a personalized experience with us.

Plant-Based Café

Recharge and treat yourself with plant-based food at our café! All the items in our menu are vegan, and the majority of our ingredients are locally sourced. From coffee to yogurt bowls, indulge yourself in guilt-free, plant-based sustenance. As a business that places importance in sustainability, we offer reusable to-go glass containers which customers can return in exchange for yoga classes.

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