1. Yoga care

Yoga Therapy

45-60 minutes

Healing and comforting, this class will assist in restoring muscles from injuries and ease joint pain. Embracing the calmness of the mind as well as the physical wellness of the yogi or yogini, attending this session is comparable to attending a session of physical therapy and more.

Back Strength

45-60 minutes

Are you experiencing back pain or spine stiffness? This class is meticulously designed just for you. With gentle poses to stretch and strengthen your spinal cord, the rigidity of your back will be relieved while the strength of your back muscles will be built.

Office Syndrome

45-60 minutes

If you spend the majority of your day sitting in front of a computer or working with little to no movement, you should not miss this class. Easing the stiffness of your upper back, this class will improve your physical alignment while mitigating pain in the neck and shoulders.

2. Flexibility & strength classes


60 minutes

A classic sun salutation session composing of traditional mantra chanting and 12 repetitive yoga poses. Specifically designed to energize and recharge your spirit before your day starts, this class is only available in the morning.


60 minutes

A traditional moon salutation class that will comfort and calm you from the bustling and hectic Bangkok metropolis. Requiring no chanting, this class is great for welcoming back your balance and getting you ready for bed. Available only in the evening, the consecutive yoga flow will create inner peace and put a pleasant ending to your day.


60 minutes

A great introduction to simple yoga poses, this session introduces gentle stretches and breathing exercises that are suitable for anyone who would like to enhance their mobility and flexibility.

Asana Siddhi

60 minutes

Similar to the Asana class, this session particularly focuses on the alignment of poses and breathing rhythm. Holding each pose for no less than 5 minutes, the flow will allow you to indulge yourself in peace while gaining a deeper understanding of each pose you perform.

Ashtanga Vinyasa

60 minutes

A strength-based yoga class that circulates around the idea of simple flow, body rhythm, and coordinated breathing. This class focuses on balance and arm strength. The flow in this class will require a good degree of mental focus and upper-body strength.

Arm Balance

60 minutes

This session will prepare you for more challenging classes that involve a higher level of arm strength such as the Ashtanga Vinyasa class and Ashtanga Intense class. As you hold each pose, your upper body will be strengthened and the muscles will develop better coordination for more advanced poses.

Back Bending

60 minutes

A class designed to increase your spine flexibility with the assistance of blocks, straps, and the wall. Consisting of moderate to deep stretches, the backbend poses in this class are more challenging than that of the Back Strength class. This class is perfect for the yogi or yogini who would love to build on the flexibility of their spine and muscles on the back.

Hatha Yoga

60 minutes

This class will introduce you to the traditional flow of yoga, in which you will learn to align your breath with each pose while maintaining mindfulness through meditative concentration. This class is perfect for those who are just starting out on their yoga journey and are looking for a gentler flow of yoga.

Prana Vinyasa

60 minutes

Composed to generate more prana, or energy, in each asana, this full body strength session is suitable for weight-loss and balance. Focusing intensely on breathing and physical alignment, the poses performed in this class will be held longer than those in the Hatha Yoga class.

Flex and Endurance

60 minutes

A full warmup session for your muscles, joints, and glands to stimulate metabolism and mobility while easing your stiffness before attending other yoga classes. Flex and Endurance is recommended for those who wish to prepare their bodies for deeper stretches and enhanced performance in other classes.

3. Multi-Level Classes

Surya Flow

90 minutes

Comparable to the traditional Suryanaman class, this full body flow will work your legs, arms, and core. This morning class integrates modern yoga poses and variations into the classic poses of the traditional sun salutation for a more challenging feel that will further enhance weight loss and increase muscle tone.

Chandra Flow

90 minutes

This evening moon salutation class adds variations to the traditional Chandranaman sequence and will work your legs, arms, and core. Ease your stiffness and calm your senses with this yoga flow for comfort and a good night’s sleep.

Asana Flow

90 minutes

This class combines balance, strength, and stretching in a sequence that will help you gain a deeper understanding of more challenging asanas as well as their variations. Utilizing your arm, leg, and core strength, the flow in this session will greatly enhance your stability and flexibility.

Ashtanga Vinyasa II

90 minutes

This full body strength-based yoga class will challenge your upper body strength and mental focus to an even higher degree than the regular Ashtanga Vinyasa class. The sequence in this class will concentrate on arm balance and body alignment, as well as mindful breathing throughout the extended duration of this session.

Prana Shakti

90 minutes

A strength-based yoga class focusing on your full body rhythm and breathing with a longer hold of each pose similar to the Ashtanga Vinyasa class. As you mindfully inhale and exhale throughout the session, you will strengthen your upper body and arms, while improving your sense of balance.

Power Warrior

90 minutes

This intensive strength-based class integrates powerful warrior poses and their variations into the traditional yoga sequence. You will feel those calories burning in this class, guaranteed! This class is suitable for anyone who wants to effectively tone their muscles and build their physical strength.

Asana Stretch

90 minutes

This challenging session includes deep stretching asanas and their variations that require good alignment of poses, meditative breathing, and a high degree of flexibility. This class is designed to enhance your mobility, flexibility, and balance.

Classic Hatha

90 minutes

A similar sequence to that of the Hatha Yoga class, yet with more intensity and power. This session will allow more time for you to connect with yourself through the traditional poses of Hatha Yoga while creating inner harmony and tranquility through guided breathing.

Ashtanga Intense

90 minutes

This inspiring class is constructed similarly to the Ashtanga Vinyasa classes, but will require substantial strength to extend the hold of arm balancing poses as well as some flexibility to perform advanced variations. It is advised to attend the Flex and Endurance class prior to this session.

Asana Intense

90 minutes

A full body asana-based class with combinations of arm balance, backbending, deep stretching, and splits. Requiring strength, mobility, and substantial flexibility, you will leave this soul healing session, not only at peace, but also physically stronger.

4. Peace of mind meditation classes

Om Meditation

45 minutes

Calm yourself with the rhythmic vibrations of the word Om, the sound of the universe that will cleanse and vitalize your breathing while connecting you to your surroundings from within. This Pranayama meditation class includes easy spine stretches, calming music, and Om chanting throughout the session.

Prana Suddhi

45 minutes

Infuse your body with oxygen through this guided Pranayama exercise, a profound breathing practice that will cleanse and relax your soul. This one of a kind session will enhance your respiratory system and improve your focus by directing your prana to your desired energy channels.

Cyclic Meditation

30-40 minutes

This class will wash away your stress and anxiety as you perform gentle stretches in a simple yoga sequence with your eyes closed. This guided movement meditation will be accompanied by calming music, which is the perfect way to end your day before a good night’s sleep.

Mano Shuddhi

60 minutes

Consciously withdraw your senses and shut out the conflict going on in your mind with this traditional pratyahara meditation class. This session of easy body stretches, mano chanting, and calming music will clear your thought processes, allowing you to spiritually connect with yourself.

Chakra Meditation

60 minutes

This meditation class is composed of seven poses, specifically performed to unlock each of the seven chakras in your body. Each chakra balancing pose will be accompanied by its own chanting mantra. With this healing sequence along with tranquil ambient sounds, your chakra will be activated to bring mental and spiritual balance.

Sound Healing

45 minutes

Tune in to your own frequency and self-consciousness through the harmonious symphony of sound vibrations created by our crystal and Tibetan bowls. Bathe your soul with sounds of tranquility and fall into a relaxed slumber as you lie supine in the Savasana pose throughout this session.

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